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1) How do I add kits to the game?

Do you already have some kits for your team in the "kits" folder? Just replace them mantaining the files name;

If you've never had a "kits" folder just follow these rules:

a) Create these folder path:

For 2D kits --> Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics/kits/new folder;

For 3D kits --> Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics/3d kits/new folder;

b) Put the kits you purchased in the new folder (if 2D kits in the first folder path, if 3D kits in the second one);

c) Put also the config file you got with the kits (two if you purchased the option 2D + 3D kits) in the relative new folder;

d) Open FM, go into preferences, clear cache and reload skin;

e) Job is done!

Most common errors:

- config files must be named config and not config (1) or in other ways;

- check accurately your team ID (this can be found in the "club info" page just below your team name. If it's not visible, go into preferences and tick the "show ID" flag then reload skin);

2) What am I buying?

Every custom kits pack contains: 3 Custom Kits (Home/Away/Third) and a .xml file that you need to add kits to the game.
Please note that you're not getting a League Pack.

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